What cassette to put with my 105 Triple?

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I'm running a 9 speed triple at the moment and the cassette is an 11-25. I'm quite happy with this set up but noticed that for the 10 speed I'm upgrading to there's an 11-28 available.

Is this worth it or will there be big gaps between gears?


  • maddog 2
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    depends how low you want your lowest gear.
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  • mrushton
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    PBK have 12-27 105 10 speed cassettes for £25 today (also 11-25 and 12-25). Seems a cheap solution. Doubt you would use an 11t v. miuch and the 27t v 28t is little difference given you have a triple
  • keef66
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    My 10 speed triple 105 has a 12-25 cassette so there are no big gaps anywhere. Perfect for round these parts. I might want a lower gear if I moved somewhere properly hilly.

    I'm 56 now, and seem to have the power output of a medium sized rabbit. If you're a strapping youngster then 12-25 with a 30t chainring should see you up virtually anything.
  • slowbike
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    My Tricross triple (9speed) has 2 options - 32-11 on the CX wheels (cassette came with the bike) - the gaps are MASSIVE and I'm finding it hard to get a comfortable gear - the other is 23-12 which is really nice to keep cadence tight.
    My Tarmac has a compact 34/50 and 28-11 on the back - it's not too bad in terms of gaps, but I'm considering changing it down for a 25/11 as I don't really use the 28 anyway.
  • unixnerd
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    I run an 11-25 on my triple and find that's enough even for the very steep bits. There's a short section in the roads to the West of Aberdeen that must be about 1 in 4 or 5 and that's the only time I use the 28x25 bottom. I think an 11-28 is overkill and you'll have bigger gaps on the lower half of the cassette.
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  • t4tomo
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    Unless you are 73 then if you have a triple up front there should be no way you need anything bigger than a 25 on the cassette. That is the advantage of triples - you can have a small ranged cassette with small gaps all the way. I'd even consider a 12-23.
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  • diamonddog
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    11/25 or 12/25 should cover everything you will encounter.