Prestatyn early morning riding.

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I shall be on holiday there from the 18th.

Looking at getting out for early morning rides... Say from 5am till 8am.

Anyone know of some nice routes up and around the mountain sides?


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    Hmm. You're within easy driving of the Clwydians ... or the Marin trail and Llandegla aren't huge distances away either. Actually riding straight out of Prestatyn I'm not sure though - you could head up the nearby hills like Craig Fawr and play I'm sure but I dunno about proper routes, not done it for uh, let's just say many many years and not try and count them.

    I had a google but it's full of things like going 20+ miles along the coast to Rhos with a total of ascent of 50m all ride, a lot of the time. Not much in the way of offroad doing that route either! Unless you actually take it onto the sand. Might be quite a pleasant jaunt but it wouldn't be mountain biking. ... hshire.htm
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    Just after a nice ride for a few hours up the hills somwhere, was hoping someone rode round there a fair bit and knew of a nice route.

    Looking on an OS map/google to see where's possible but wether its rideable is another matter, just don't fancy pushing my bike round for the morning.

    At the moment the plan is to get out on Saturday for the day... Going to give llandegla a miss need a change

    What's the Marin trail like?
  • Marin's good , BUT will be closed this weekend along with Penmachno due to the Cambrian Rally
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    Ah, that's a bummer then. Next nearest marked trail thing is Coed-y-Brenin probably but that's a fair drive from Prestatyn for a few hours in the morning.

    Well, straight out of Prestatyn is Craig Fawr (aka Meliden Mountain in my youth, maybe still is!) and there's definitely some stuff to mess about on up there but sorry, can't really help on a route. Might be worth a google. I was about 14 and on a rigid Apollo last time I was up that way on a bike, sometime in the early 90s.

    These may be useful too. ... ange-wales