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Small Lightweight helmet torch.

rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
edited October 2013 in Road buying advice
Whilst there are literally 100s of torches to choose from on DX etc..., can any one recommend a lightweight (lighter than a 501b) thatn I can mount on my lid. Not after anything massively bright (but brighter the better!) and also one that wil mount in a joystick helmet mount as the look the dogs do dahs and will probably get one.

Something like: ... 8650-90607



  • meursaultmeursault Posts: 1,433
    I took delivery of this today

    Not helmet mounted, as I don't like how they look. Will try it in the morning on commute.
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  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    I run an AA Maglite on a NiteIze velcro headband, really good and the headband keeps your forehead warm in the winter :-)

    My old Maglite was the filament bulb type, I got an LED upgrade on ebay that took seconds to fit and made it into a superb torch. I use it for night time cross country skiing too. I think the current generation of Maglites are LED to start with. It's much lighter than a 501b. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • meursaultmeursault Posts: 1,433
    OK, used above now, and it does the job no problem. Only downside is, it's a tight fit under the helmet. I can either loosen straps a tad, or more likely, will not wear helmet on commute. Tonight I tried it with cycling cap and all good. Commute is just 4km on cycle path all the way, so safety should not be an issue.
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