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Disc brake rotors

jotkojotko Posts: 457
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Need some 6 bolt 160mm rotors for my new wheels for my Croix De Fer as the old wheels had centerlock hubs. Any recommendations for a disc braked road/tow path/commuter type of use?

I ordered some Shimano RT51s from CRC they were stupidly cheap - ... rp-prod815

But afterwards noticed that they are ~100g per rotor heavier than something like - ... ir-rotors/

I know worrying about 200g whilst riding around on a heavyweight like a Croix De Fer is probably a bit silly, but these wheels will likely end up on a disc braked road bike before too long and 200g saving for £20ish seems pretty good bang for buck.

Are the light ones made of cheese?


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    Hope floating.

    I run them on both MTBs, and my commuter. Look good, light, work well, last well. Get some.
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  • As both of the rotors you have linked to are made of the stainless steel then I would assume that the Asmina ones are thinner and would wear out quicker or more likely looking at the shape they will wear away your brake pads quicker.

    200g is nothing really but hey it is your money and if you think it is worth it then for you it is.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the ones you bought work? so what is the problem?

    Hope floaters cause more ussues than the "fix".
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  • I have the standard Avid clean sweep... not sure if they are light or heavy, but they are adequate, work well and don't wear out.
    I wouldn't go for a thinner one, which will warp in no time
  • jotkojotko Posts: 457
    nicklouse wrote:
    the ones you bought work? so what is the problem?

    Hope floaters cause more ussues than the "fix".

    The ones I bought can go back no bother, still in the packets so not an issue really.

    I was surprised at the difference in weight and wondered what the penalty was.

    It will make no difference at all on my Croix de Fer for what I use it for but I have been giving disk roadbikes the glad eye recently and would be more concerned about weight there.
  • jotkojotko Posts: 457
    Well, just bought a pair of Avid HS1s with bolts for £18.50 off ebay ... 2c6e1c86c9

    I will send the Shinamo's and the bolts back to CRC and I will have saved a massive 170g and an even more massive £1.46.

    This fascinating thread can now die in peace, lol
  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    These I've used for disc pads but seem to get good reviews:

    Floating rotors look great and the Hope ones are probably amount the best, but I've read places that these don't fit bb7 disc brakes without a little bit of grinding away of the calliper. This doesn't surprise me as the Hope floating rotor doesn't fit my MTB calliper (Formula)

    Basically it's due to the floating design being thicker than the calliper (the bolts catch on the calliper) and I'm sure it's easily fixed if you are happy to do a bit of grinding!

    Edit... I see you've bought some... but hey, will leave the post :-)
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