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Bikepark Wales - uplift full

mattbellmattbell Posts: 203
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I want to go there in November with my mates but the uplift is full. Is it still worth going and cycling up, or does all the climbing detract from the use of the venue? Also any other suggestions for Brecon Beacons area.



  • Tbh... I couldn't be arsed riding up.
    45 min to 1hr push/ride up and probably max 10 min descent.
    After 2 rides up, I'd get bored.

    But there is always the chance you could sneak a go on the uplift for a single run if there was a space...
  • It takes us about 30 mins to push / ride up and we usually get 3 good rides out of. Now that the weather has turned colder i can only just about get two rides but that's the joys of asthma for you!

    I wouldn't let the thought of a push up put you off as they are great trails and in the end only you can make your mind once you've experienced the venue.
    I don't know enough to make smart r's remarks about peoples choice of parts 'n' things, yet!
  • MaJeeKaMaJeeKa Posts: 24
    im going tuesday and am pushing bike up hill....enjoy the downhill bits cos uphill will hopefully be worth it
  • mattbellmattbell Posts: 203
    let me know how it goes
  • LowrideLowride Posts: 214
    Mates who went last wkend and who were booked on the uplift said that by 1.00pm half of the other riders had gone home. If you're not booked and there's space, it's £4 for one uplift
    Specialized til I die
  • MaJeeKaMaJeeKa Posts: 24
    im very unfit and climbed hill in 38 mins...was pushing it up most times...take fireroad as its faster...if its been raining then it will be a bog
  • LowrideLowride Posts: 214
    When I commented before in this thread I was going on what mates had told me. I've now been myself.
    Five of us were booked on the uplift which we did about 3-4 weeks in advance.
    The uplift runs from 10.00am-13.00 then 14.00-17.00 as there is an hr lunch break. We did ten runs and stopped at 16.00, we could have done probably two more but it was getting quite dark in the woods (no lights) and we had a 2.5 hr drive back so we left it at ten runs.

    This was on a Wednesday so it was quite quiet. We'd get dropped off at the top, boost it down and then the mini bus would appear after a few minutes. I'm not sure if it runs this smoothly at the wkend. As we had uplift passes we had priority over ppl without, if there was any space left on the bus they could then hop on (it seats 16 ppl)

    I saw alot of ppl riding up the fire road which the uplift uses. TBH I think this is quite dangerous as it's not very wide and alot of ppl did'nt seem to hear the bus coming up behind them. I was told that they should'nt use the fire road to get up but I don't know if that's true. All I know is that I would'nt go there myself and ride 2.8 miles uphill for about 7 minutes of DH.
    If you're lucky you could get on the uplift if there's a space and then maybe cycle up a couple of times too but I think it's best to pre book. It works out better off pre booking as we did ten runs for £25, that's £2.50 a run or you pay £4 if you're not booked. On the downside this place does'nt work too well if you decide on a Friday to go there on the Sunday as you have to either ride to the top or hope there's a couple of spaces going spare.

    I spoke to a lad who was riding but works there too, he said next year seven more DH trails are opening and a 12 mile XC loop. I asked him about the car park as it's not exactly big (get there early at the wkend) and he said they have permission to build another somewhere nearby

    HTH.. also, wear some armour. Alot of highly polished tree roots there!
    Specialized til I die
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