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GT Avalanche 3.0

spitfire355spitfire355 Posts: 16
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Just picked this up yesterday, it's a 2010/2011 (I think) 19" GT Avalanche from Gumtree. The guy said he was going semi-pro and wanted a 29er, so this had to go, and that he was also a licensed bike mechanic. I'm inclined to believe him, as I've never ridden a bike that shifts so smoothly, old or new. Sorry about the crappy pics, only just had a chance to take a few photos.





It's also had quite a bit of work done to it, with a much higher spec than stock:

Crankset - M470 Hollowtech
Rear Derailleur - M592 Deore
Front Derailleur - Deore LX
Cassette - SRAM 9 speed
Brakes - Deore LX M585 Hydraulic Brakes
Shifters - Deore MEGA 9
Rims - Mavic 117 Disc
Tires - Maxxis Larsen TT
Saddle - WTB Pure V
Headset - Cane Creek by Tange zero stack
Forks - ??? (Has a logo but doesn't look like Suntour, see below)


It's in great condition, and i paid £200 for it.

Did I get a good deal or could I have done better? I'm looking to keep it bike for a while, is the frame worth doing up? I plan on doing a respray, along with some new parts eventually, that is, if the frame is worth having money spent on it. If it's not worth doing up then I'd rather know than waste it!

I have a pair of Schwalbe Big Apples on the way, as I do a fair bit of commuting and the Maxxis' make a hell of a noise! I'll keep them for when I go out for a proper off-road ride though. Also got some lock-on grips and some lights. Any other suggestions of cheap bang-for-buck upgrades?

Edit: Updated photos


  • GT-ArrowheadGT-Arrowhead Posts: 2,507
    Thats a nice ride, and i think that was a good buy for £200

    Why the respray? It looks nice as it is. Well, from what i can see anyway. If you think the frame is good enough for you to work on, then why not? Ive given mine a DIY spray job 3 times and it is in reality a censored frame that is 16 years old. Reason being, i like the bike :)

    Feel free to add your bike to the GT Owners Thread by the way, its linked in my sig.
  • I'm thinking about the respray purely because I'd like to make it my own, and I think a bike that doesn't have stickers all over it and is a bit different makes it less attractive to thieves, and more identifiable! I'm very tempted to go for the gulf colour scheme (baby blue) with orange details (i.e. GT stickers, fork, cages etc). I think it's good enough, but I don;t want to 'outgrow' it in a few years time.

    I definitely intend to put it in the thread, but I think I'll take a few better pics so it can compete!
  • GT-ArrowheadGT-Arrowhead Posts: 2,507
    Cant go wrong with the Gulf colours! If you ask me, that would make it more attractive to thieves :lol: but definitely more identifiable.

    If you do get bored of your frame in a few years, you can just get another frame your happy with and turn this one into a cheap commuter or something along those lines, like a little project. Or sell it on of course :)
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