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Litespeed Archon Ti

s2_dpds2_dpd Posts: 46
edited October 2013 in Your road bikes
I bought the frame/forks/headset from the Classifieds sections, the rest just built up last week...



  • Nice, i like that.
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  • ledeevledeev Posts: 208
    Excellent, a nice clean build. Can you post a specification sheet?
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    Very nice build.
  • noodlemannoodleman Posts: 852
    Nice. How do you find the saddle for comfort?
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  • s2_dpds2_dpd Posts: 46
    It's a 57cm frame, I'm 6' 2"

    Ultegra 6700 Groupset in silver
    Chris King headset
    Deda Blackfin fork
    Deda M35 Alloy bar 46cm outside to outside
    Deba 35 Stem 120mm
    Deda Superzero carbon seatpost
    Deda bar tape
    Selle SMP Dynamic saddle
    Look Keo Blade pedals
    Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL wheels
    Schwable Durano S Tyres

    The Selle SMP saddles are good for me, I have two Dynamics and a Hybrid for my commute. Certainly worth a try if you have 'nut issues'.

    The bike is low at the front, works well and very stiff, although absorbs the road buzz and bumps. It's going to be a year round bike with more basic wheels for the winter.

    I have a Secteur Comp for the really bad weather and a Tarmac Elite SL2 - all running Shimano 10 spd so I can swap the wheels round. My son and I will be sharing the three bikes as he's the right size now, although he's been limited to the Secteur so far!
  • VandieselVandiesel Posts: 506
    Sexy looking bike, love it!
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  • pastey_boypastey_boy Posts: 2,083
    Very naughty looking bike you have there Sir
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  • Looks awesome. Weirdly the break track, which i usually dont like on carbon wheels looks really good with the Ti
  • Look great, chapeau
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • inseineinseine Posts: 5,786
    Lovely bike. The saddle, however, is criminal.
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    Nice... it is pointing the wrong way though
  • s2_dpds2_dpd Posts: 46
    Nice... it is pointing the wrong way though

    Sorry - this any better?

    I guess this makes it a left hand drive! :oops:
  • dwanesdwanes Posts: 954
    inseine wrote:
    Lovely bike. The saddle, however, is criminal.
    Certainly an acquired taste.
  • s2_dpds2_dpd Posts: 46
    dwanes wrote:
    inseine wrote:
    Lovely bike. The saddle, however, is criminal.
    Certainly an acquired taste.

    You haven't seen the shape of my @rse
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    tring aling a ding-dong-ding
  • s2_dpd wrote:
    You haven't seen the shape of my @rse


    looks awesome!
    Only 1 photo though.....What a tease! :(

    Ps. crank arms are in the wrong position :wink:
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