Winter training - Indoor time trial league

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Hi all,

For market research purposes, can you tell me whether you would consider signing up to a winter indoor time trail league?

Basically it would consist of you doing a 20k (or more) weekly time trial during the evening for 10 weeks, each time you beat your time you are awarded a certain number of points and the person with the most points at the end of the session wins the league.

The great side of this is that even though you are doing a time trial with 6-8 other people, you are only competing against your own time and not their time. Cost would be around £65-70 per season (10 x 45min sessions)

Would be great to hear your comments.


  • simonhead
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    Where would you hold it Velodrome or on static bikes? What other facilities and support would you offer? Is coaching available as a tag on?
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  • rather hacksaw my own balls off tbh
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    So, do you set your own time at the beginning - and then each time you beat that time you get points or each time you beat your best time you get points? Either way, there's a strong incentive not to try very hard at the beginning!

    If it's at a velodrome, it seems like a really boring way to use a velodrome session and if it is on turbos, you might as well do it at home for nothing via an online league.
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  • BrandonA
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    I can't see this working.

    My Tacx Satori has two ways of adjusting the effort (a knob which controls how hard the wheel is pushed into the roller and a handlebar mount with 10 settings). Its unlikely that two Satoris will be setup identically, its even more unlikely that it would be set up identically to any other trainer made by different manufacturers. My tyre pressure also affects speed.

    You can't therefore compare my average speeds against anyone else unless they all use my bike on my trainer. If we can't accurately compare performance then what is the point in a league?
  • Jim C
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    Do it on rollers. Calibrate computers

    We do similar with our club youths in the winter, as do lots of East Midlands clubs. We don't just do a TT every week

    We charge £1.50 per session, based on 15riders- to cover the cost of the hall we use. I don't think we'd get many takers at £6.50 to £7 per session
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    ^^^^ Agreed £65-£70 is a ridiculous fee to expect people to pay irrespective of the other issues that have been mentioned. You must think that cycling enthusiasts are made of money :wink:
  • elderone
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    Is this a new way for sportive organisers to cash in over winter?.Maybe some fools would think it,s a bargain though.
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  • cougie
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    20k seems like a long tt indoors. Imagine the sweat !

    I'd bring it down by a fair bit - and make it imperial too.

    I'd not be interested anyway. Sounds a lot of money for doing turbo sessions.
  • ben@31
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    Can buy a months subscription to a gym and use their exercise bike every single day for less £.
    All I would need to do is write down how long it took me to do 20 km and then let my mate know the time to beat.
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    What setting would you suggest the trainer resistance is set on?

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