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Hi to all I cycle mainly country lanes now the roads are wet and muddy looking for a full set of mudguards to fit my boardman hybrid comp, what I cant see is how to fit when you have front and rear disc brakes anyone who has the above bike got any recommadations ? make and size please and were they easy to fit ? thanks


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    Not classic roadie style mudguards, but I use Cycraguard MTB guards front and rear on my Boardman. Rear clamps onto the seatpost: front straps around the downtube and has little rubber gromits to keep the guard off the cables. They are quite wide and keep a lot of water and muck off you. One size fits all, google should show you plenty of buying options.

    You can fit them in a few minutes, dead easy.
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  • I used the SKS Commuter Guards when I had the Boardman Comp Hybrid - fitted fine - seem to recall that the stays on the guards clear the disc brakes with no real trouble.
  • I fitted these a couple of weeks ago on my hybrid comp:
  • I fitted SKS Chromoplastic P35's to mine, using 700x28c gatorskin tyres. They were a little awkward to fit due to the disc callipers, which required bending of the stays for the guards.

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    As above, I've got the SKS Chromoplastics (700x35-38 wide) and needed to bend the front stays to get round the disc caliper. Apart from that they were pretty easy to fit, and they work perfectly.

    Can post a pic of the the front guard if it helps.
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    thanks guys for all the info tilt could you please post a pic of the front guard fitted thanks again
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    Here you go. As you can see it was only really one stay that needed to be bent out of the way, and it was long enough to do so (the rest of them need trimming down).
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    Ideally, you want an SKS Commuter for the front (doesn't require bending) and an SKS Chromoplastic on the back (gives better support than the Commuter rear). But alas, they don't sell them separately!

    In terms of size, the 700x20-28 fit beautifully.
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    I emailed sks Germany for there advice aswell they suggested the velo 42 mudguards
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    I emailed sks Germany for there advice aswell they suggested the velo 42 mudguards

    I fitted SKS Chromoplastic guards to my disc equipped Ridgeback Flight 05 hybrid. Instead of bending the stay I fitted some plastic spacers (made from old light brackets in fact) that moved the stay out far enough to clear the disc calliper. It works very well and the whole setup is very sturdy.

    I had previously tried the Crud Racer guards, but the tyres are 700x28 and it was a tolerance fit!

    The guards have been off over the summer, and I'm about to fit them back on again, toyed with the idea of trying other solutions like the SKS Race Guards, the SKS Velo 42 with stays (Halfords stock them) but at the moment I can't really justify the extra spend, since the Chromoplastic ones are actually fine, if ever so slightly more fiddly to the fit ...

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