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On-One 456C

KiliscottKiliscott Posts: 82
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Well ive finally got her, took the trip down the country to meet a fine gentlemen who i very greatly thank for travelling nearly 3 hours on a sunday morning to meet me at the halfway point.

Ready for the front wheel off to be placed into the pain in censored saloon.


3 hours later she's arrived at her new home.


Now i was a little optimistic on the frame size (18'') at first and also 1x10 was new to me. No hanging about here, after a quick cuppa and a bite to eat i was itching to test her out. A nice paced 1 mile ride up the local track to get a feel of the bike etc, then i arrived at the trail. flicked the lock-out off and away i went. Coming from the 29er i immediately noticed how much easier it was bouncing through the tight and twisty section and the longer travel forks were a breeze going over the rocks and drop-offs. It felt so planted and confident but i didnt over do it, at the end was the dreaded climb up a quite back road. This hill is a killer and never gets easier. Eventually got to the top and thought that was way easier and more comfortable than what the 29er was! I wasnt on my back phoning an ambulance either. I was surprised to say the least. The frame size seemed a nice fit with me being 6ft2 and the 1x10 is a definite big thumbs up. Hamsterley forest is her first proper try out next weekend, stay tuned!

A muddy pic but absolute terrible quality lol.



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