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Off road biking for duathlon

Tin potTin pot Posts: 2
edited October 2013 in MTB beginners
I'm lining up for my first offroad events, either Mudman or Trailman.

I have my BikeShapedObject used in my first tri, which was hard work - about fifteen minutes slower over 20k than my road bike. Weighs about 17kg iirc.

Are there any tips to offroad biking or is it simply hard work, get through it and on to the run?

Are spds of benefit or a hazard, etc.?

Cheers, TP.


  • You will find it harder then your road bike owning to different ground conditions as with spds they will find the benefits when climbing up hills if you feel the need to unclip if it gets a bit tricky as I do some time as you might need to dap your foot down.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    It'll always be slower than the road, and soft ground conditions will be hard work. That said a 17kg bike is bloody heavy, particularly for the sort of terrain most duathlons entail.

    If you want to get into it then a lighter bike will certainly be easier and faster, but it depends if you want to invest in it or not.
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