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Black Pinarello Dogma & Red/Black Cervelo S2 - Rourke Ride

nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
edited October 2013 in Road stolen
Enjoyed the ride today but the whole day was marred really by the fact that my clubmate had his bike stolen from the HQ (along with one other chap). Pal's bike is a 54cm Cervelo S2, Campag Chorus & carbon wheelset (unbranded) in red/black. Other chap's bike is a black Pinarello Dogma with Chorus 11 speed & Campag Shamal wheels. Keep your eyes out on eBay etc chaps! Not sure that my mate is insured with his bike.

Think that the thieves arrived in cycling gear and simply walked away with the above bikes whilst the guys registered!


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