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Got fat, getting fit...

UlyssesUlysses Posts: 104
edited October 2013 in MTB beginners
Its been a rollercoaster ride the last 15 or so years, life that is, not on my bike. When I was nearly 18 stone (I was truely disgusted with myself!) I started working out a bit so have lost a bit of weight. Lifting weights in my garage is boring, after a couple of years of doing it I had and urge ... to dust my old 16 year old GT Tempest off and go for a ride, the flies in my face and wind rushing through, I mean, across my receding hairline felt great.
For the last two weekends I've been riding the same 14 mile trail and I'm out this afternoon to ride it again. This sounds stupid ... I feel free again...
Why did I let life stop me riding?!


  • neilusneilus Posts: 245
    Well, ive often noticed that it seems to take far more effort to do things that are good for you, while theres an abundance of motivation to do the things that are not good for you...or maybé thats just me!
    Good on ya for getting your old GT out...i often think this, that as a kid riding a bike...the freedom, independence and adventure it gives you...and that theres a small number of people who never lose this thrill, this incredible feeling, way into adulthood, and we are truly blessed to have this amazing connection to our bikes!! :)
    And regarding the fitness thing, you have to love what you are doing otherwise it just aint ride to the hills takes me past a gym, and as i come home all buzzed up on cloud9 from my mtb-ing, i almost feel guilty when i see these poor souls plodding away on the treadmills bored out of their skulls...again, i feel very lucky!
    But also about weight loss remember you cannot out-train a bad lose weight in the super market and kitchen, not on the trails...ditch all sugar. Buy fresh meat fish and veg, learn to cook. Avoid things from packets, tins and boxes. Eat less more regularly. Eat colourful natural stuff...they're pretty much my guidelines and im doing more than ok health wise...
    Good luck, enjoy your ride!!
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    Completely agree with the above which contains alot of good advice. Especially the bit about gyms, I justified buying my road bike by not paying Gym fees and have really enjoyed riding it as well as my MTB.
  • UlyssesUlysses Posts: 104
    The only time I went to a gym was for an introduction/show around ... I never went back! To be fair though, when I walked in the changing room and a huge dude with a massive wang just stood there towling down ... I knew the gym was no place for a fat guy with confidence issues :lol:
    I does feel awesome just to be out being places and seeing stuff, first sunny ride today and the views were amazing. Also feels great to be getting my legs back, burning around a bit.
    I've got my diet fairly well sorted though lifitng weights - 95% of the time we cook fresh meat (cheers Costco!) and eat loads of veg (home grown spuds, toms and beans and mixed mixed veg from the freezer) plus avoiding too many fast carbs, just needed some serious cardio to burn up the surplus energy, I'm pretty sure riding again will do that :D
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,757
    The Gym can be a help, but god it's SO boring, the bike is great, plus if you can commute to work you save money!
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