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Rockhopper Comp 29er Good Beginner bike?

jseubertjseubert Posts: 2
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Hi everyone!

I am extremely new to biking. I want a bike that I can commute with (~10 miles), ride for cardio here and there, and be able to take up on the mountain (but nothing too extreme).

The local shop has a 2013 Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29er for $700 (used for rental for a season). The guy said it would be good for riding on road, especially if I put on thinner tires when I did so, and would handle most anything I would want to trail ride on. He made it clear it wasn't a road bike but that it wouldn't feel like a cow on the road's either.

I was also looking at the Carrera Kracken however I can't find it to buy anywhere in the US and I don't know if it's going to be decent on the road.

Can anyone give me some tips? If I'm getting a mountain bike, what should I look for that might make it more road friendly (although I understand there is no strictly perfect road/mountain bike). Also if I end up really liking biking I can see myself investing in something better once I know what my tastes are in a year or two. I just don't want to drop $1500 and realize this isn't my thing right now.



  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    As long as it is at a good reduced price and not too worn / damaged it will be a very good starter bike. Make sure you have a test ride to make sure it is right for you.
  • I dont know what $700 equates to in real terms

    Spec are usually over priced and under equipped when compared to other marks. On the bright side they also hold their second hand price well, Its all in the marketing I suppose

    There is nothing actually wrong with them and if $ 700 looks like a good price, get it

    On the wider question, possibly not the best ''roadbik''e, something with XC credentials, longer wheelbase more forwarded ridding position will be theoretically better, if it head down blasting your after
  • IDaveIDave Posts: 223
    I think $700 is quite expensive for that model bike, which has been used as a rental for a year - you can find them brand new in the US for ~$900

    I'm not sure that Carrera have a US distributor, but you can buy Boardman bikes in the US from Wiggle. They're selling the 2012 models with 20% off at the moment. The Race model comes in at under $700 - or for a little more you can get the Comp for $850 which is by far the best spec you will get at that price point.

    They only have medium and small sizes left though
  • BigAlBigAl Posts: 3,122
    A bike that's going to be used as a commuter and an off-roarer will by definition have compromises

    What they are will depend on the mix of the two styles and the type of off-road riding

    If mainly road then maybe a hybrid. You don't want to be hauling knobbly tyres on a 10 mile commute.

    If you go for an MTB then a lockout fork would be useful (but unlikely with your budget)

    Personally I would look at a secondhand MTB. Maybe even a 2nd set of wheels (easier to change than tyres). Spend some time researching to gain confidence to know what you're looking for
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