Clicking ?!

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Your knees?


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    +1 for cleats. Can be mechanical too, but cleats can be an easy and cheaper solution if you're paying a mechanic.
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    Cleats loose
    Pedal loose
    Pedal bearings worn
    Seat post
    Btm bracket loose
    Btm Bracket worn

    Check in that order for starters before you go back to the shop.
  • If its any help its probably more to do with pedals and/or cleats than the BB or Chainset.

    I had a clicking that developed and would always get worse throughout a ride.

    Twice I took the Chainset and BB apart and did the old clean, check and reassemble. It came back.

    It eventually turned out to be a creak from the clip and spring system on my pedal! Its amazing how a creak can travel and amplify through a frame. In the end I sorted it with Teflon spray all over the clip area so it wouldn't rub.
  • Loose crank arm?

    grab them in the 3 and 9 o'clock position and pull up and push down. If there's movement you've got an issue.
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    I'm going to have to practice what i preach - mine started making noises this morning!
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    Changing cleats last night resolved a similar problem for me. The Look Keo Sprints on my CR1 seemed to have a fair amount of play in them, but the new cleats have resolved the clicking I was getting. A lot cheaper than the new pedals I was considering getting 8)
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  • I had the same problem recently but instead of a clicking noise I could hear counting. With every pedal revolution all I could hear was one..two..three..four

    So I stopped on the road, first making sure it was safe to do so by looking behind and ensuring I wasn't being drafted by someone unannounced, then preceeded to take off my must wear helmet and checked inside to see if there was an ipod in there....Everything was clear so I replaced my helmet, obviously reset Strava as this was a ninety mile before breakfast nothing to me ride and carried on.

    I carried on for about two miles (incidentally cracked two KOM's in the process) and lo and behold it started

    Had a quick once over the shoulder for the ubiqutous drafter but there was no-one there.

    This is strange I thought so checked my pockets on my £150 cycling jersey, which had been washed recently in a non bio, eco friendly washing solution after sustaining road dirt (would you believe it whilst out riding)

    So then I thought, let's check my under saddle 2x2 bag. I reached in and took out my nine inch tablet, logged on to this forum and checked out the various threads on what should I be carrying in a 2x2 under saddle bag. I went through the various lists and I was carrying the normal stuff...four tubes, eight puncture repair kits, fifty six levers, forty three multi tools, a Breville snack and sandwich maker and seventy four CO2 inflators, Nothing out of the ordinary there thinks I...but then I look more closely and there behind the Dyson I spot it... ... 067554862/
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    My money's on the end of the front mech cable touching the right crank every revolution.
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    CiB wrote:
    My money's on the end of the front mech cable touching the right crank every revolution.

    I had this, only when the mech was on the small ring, which isn't often as it's flat round here, took me ages to work out what it was and it was only when I noticed the scratching on the back of the crank arm that I put 2 and 2 together :¬(
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