whitch tire?

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I have been running a spech the captain 2.0 on the rear but I need more air and wanted a purgatory 2.2 but these are on longer sold only as a 2.3, I think both tyres I have been using are ready fast running and not sure if the 2.3 purgatory will still be as fast even though a have a 2.3 clutch up front witch I also love as its holds grate!
so any suggestions pleases?
cheers matt


  • .blitz
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    Captain control is also available in a 2.2. Its a good size rear tyre, not as fast as a Crossmark for example but it rolls well enough and grips a lot better on loose ground. £30
  • Thewaylander
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    Run a purg on the rear spot on bit of tyre i'd say give it a crack.
  • step83
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    Had a Ground Control 2 2Bliss gripped pretty well on nearly every surfeace if you want to stay with Specialized may be worth a nose.

    Mine was a 2.1 from memory they come in 2.1 and 2.3