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Cut Gate - Peak District: Tomorrow (05/10/2013)

KaRsKiNKaRsKiN Posts: 31
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Hi all,

Appreciate that this is kind of last minute but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

I'm looking at riding Cut Gate in the Peaks tomorrow, there's me and another guy from the Ride Sheffield Facebook group who are in so far but the more the merrier! Both of us are fairly new to the sport but we're well keen and I'd love to ride with more experienced riders.

We'd be looking to meet at about 08:30 in Lady Bower somewhere, I'm still working out the exact route so I'd let you know later today exactly where we're meeting.

If you're interested let me know, be glad to have you along!


  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    You would be better off starting at Langsett res as Cut Gate is more of a out and back route,it may be a bit boggy in places but has had a lot of repairs so not as bad as it use to be,the car park can get busy as well.
  • KaRsKiNKaRsKiN Posts: 31
    So start at Langsett, go up Cut Gate and then down the other side to Ladybower?

    I'm still not 100% sure of the route.
  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    Start at Langsett res,Ride over the dam (Midhope Cliff lane), slight up hill. Look for a bridleway on the right that skirts the woods. Follow this till it forks, take the left. Come to some tarmac and some farmhouses, take the little entry between them and at the bottom turn right and follow the trail

    This will lead to a gate at the top of the climb, turn left before the gate there are some ruins on the other side of the gate, called North America.

    Follow the trail over the moors, leads to a junction fork and small green sign take the left (straight on in effect) and continue up to Margery Hill, lots of deep ruts,and follow this down, eventually turns to rocky singletrack and a great descent to the stream go a bit further and you'll come to a wooden bridge...

    Stop, admire the scenery and have something to eat.

    Turn round, hikeabike back up and reverse the route, except where you joined from the left originally (remember that green sign). Continue straight on down fast rocky singletrack, one last steep little climb and then a rocky blast back to the river. Follow signs back to Langsett,it will be around 15 miles.
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