Thetford - Dusk Till Dawn

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Anyone been riding round Thetford in the last couple of days.

Any ideas on the condition under wheel. Plenty of time for it to change (Get even wetter) prior to Saturday night, just interested in the current state of the trails.


  • WindyG
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    I've not been around there for a couple of weeks but to be honest it needs rain as it's been very dry for months an can be lethal as there is so much loose sand and gravel.
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    I was thinking the same thing today when getting all my gear ready. Decided to take a spare set of wheels with a different tyre set up just in case but to be honest i dont think i will need them.
  • Cheers Gents
    Conditions were perfect for the race, dry and quick, with a little evening dew to keep the dust down.
    The organisers did a great job as usual, and at least it wasn't like the mud of 2011!!!!!!
    All in all a great event, although the day at work yesterday was a tough one.
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    My 5th d2d, and the best so far I think, the return to Mayday was great, better atmosphere, more compact and it gave my wife and kids the chance to see me go past 3 times on a lap before they headed off home.
    Course lap was nice, good mix of fire road to pass on and singletrack to enjoy, obviously the weather helped, but the bit they I didn't get my head round was how cold it was in some parts, and the sudden warmth in others.

    I also think the riding etiquette was better than ever before, people were polite when passing, and more than helpful when being overtaken.
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    Totally agree with the above! My first Dusk til Dawn and was really impressed. Weather definately helped and thought the organisation was spot on and very well run. Very polite people out there through the night which made a nice change.
    Found it amusing when 3/4 way around a lap classical music was playing in the forest lol, made me smile every time!
    Strange how you thought that about the temperatures too! I would be riding along one of the fire roads and the temps seemed to drop big time, no change in wind or anything, just temperature drop. And then in parts of the forest it got warm, very strange.
    All in all a top event, and managed 9th in the 3 man team category 8) Maybe Solo next year :shock:
  • Did you spot the smoke from the BBQ next to the arena? It formed a layer about 4 metres up and just hung there for pretty much the whole night. The answer to the temperature thing is in that phenomenon. Air is trapped between the stands of trees or not depending on the proximity of openings that allow it to move about, so different temperatures etc.

    Chatting to Paul and the guys, you could see that there was a real energy about what they were doing. Honestly speaking as a veteran of nearly all the D2D's, I reckon it took us right back to what made D2D a special night. A Cracker IMHO.