Maxle light issue

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I have a little problem with Maxle light 15 mm on RS Revelation. No matter what I do the wheel has tiny amount of side play. The hub seems to be fine as I can feel any free play in it when wheel is off. I put the wheel back and screw axle in - there is slight play. Then tighten the axle and the play is still there. I tried to adjust "preload screw" so QR lever is quite tight now. I put more grease on the axle and it helped for a while, but after short ride the play is back.
Anything I can try before taking bike back to not so Local BS?
The hub is Mavic Crossride 12/15 13.


  • nicklouse
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    sounds like play in the bearings of the hub.
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    Mavic hubs use pre-loaded bearings (for some reason). You probably need to tighten them down a bit, as Nicklouse says sounds like bearing issues.
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    Agree with nicklouse. You wont feel any play in the hub when its out of fork unless the bearings are totally knackered, you havent got the leverage in your hands that gripping the rim whilst wheel is in the fork gives you.

    Have a word with this guy he is a bike bearing specialist he can probably supply you with the right bearings if you fancy having a go replacing them and tell you how to do it.
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  • Uli
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    Thanks. I will check bearings but I am going trough Mavic docs and can't see any adjustment for this hub. No nuts just a circlip under dust cover. The wheels are brand new so I may just get them back to shop where they came from.
  • bikaholic
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    I can't comment on the specifics of the mavic hub, but on most of the hubs where I have experienced play, the cause was usually down to a small gap between the bearing face and end cap (rocking play) or the hub seat and bearing face (side to side play).

    The latter usually happens on hubs where one bearing is seated on an axle first before inserting into the hub and knocking the other bearing on from the other side.

    The former usually happens if the end caps don't press against the central part of the bearing face. The end caps are held on by friction from an o-ring so this would naturally allow a tiny bit of rocking movement.

    In both cases I just added washers made out of plastic packaging or 2L cola bottles to take up the gaps.
  • Uli
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    You may be right here. The hub is designed so there is a circlip, tapered washer, pin, washer and bearing. The tapered washer doesn't look so tapered any more. Maybe that is the issue.