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Spoon1969Spoon1969 Posts: 8
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Hi all,

Been a long term lurker & weekend biker. I'm just coming up to my mid forties, under tall for my weight and need to loose a few pounds of puppy fat.

I have found that going out on the bike actually gets my son off the Xbox.

Used to be a complete loon on a bike in my younger days but I have found that I don't bounce like I used too :shock:

Anyway, Hi All


  • Welcome. Do everything you can to encourage Spoon minor to ride as much as possible. My eldest got me into this malarkey five years ago and I lost four stone whilst gaining a way of life. I was up and out at 6.00 a.m. this morning for a brisk ten miler before work. Get riding and never stop.
  • BigAlBigAl Posts: 3,122

    I'm a similar age and I don't bounce too well either.
  • Cheers guys,

    "Tea Spoon" as we call him actually likes going out on the bike, bought him a Carrera Blast 24" for his birthday 18 months ago and he's already nearly outgrown it. He did ask if he could have a new bike next year, told him maybe so he came to me asking for an Orange "five O" :shock:

    Need to get fit & lose a bit of weight as I'm now mostly desk based at work and it's causing havoc with my back.
  • Jon1984Jon1984 Posts: 49
    Hi from me.

    I've recently started to commute to and from work myself so easing my way back into it. I used to play rugby but now I cant play anymore (injury which keeps me off the field but not the bike) I've found that a lump of an ex-prop forward needs to loose some "hibernating muscle" shall we say.
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