Weird Question - Campagnolo Khamsins 'no tick'

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A weird question as per the title. I've just bought a new pair of Red/Black 2013 Khamsins and fitted my old cassette. But on spinning the wheels up there is no 'tick' - in fact the wheels run silent unlike other Campag wheels I have when free wheeling. It's making me wonder if something is amiss as I quite like the reassurance of the clicking!

Any one else found this?


  • arran77
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    At least people won't know you're shirkin though :wink:
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  • keef66
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    Sounds like the pawls aren't moving freely. Either too little lube, or somebody's stuck grease in there rather than light oil. I'd be tempted to whip the freehub off and have a look.
  • This happened with my Fulcrum Racing 5s when they were new but didn't last that long. The freehub ticks all the time now if I'm freewheeling.
  • forextc
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    Just been for an hour ride and what do you know?! I'm starting to hear a faint ticking sound starting... must be because they are new. I kinda find it reassuring though... :D