Full Sus AM/Enduro bike, what should be on my shortlist?

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I'm currently riding my Pinnacle Iroko 2 hardtail with 120mm Rockshox Recon Golds upfront, but I'm now looking for an AM/Enduro spec bike. Something I can still lug round the trail centre reds but which will give me a bit more pleasure/speed on the steep rough stuff. Hoping to do a few Enduros this coming year too.

I have absolute max budget of £1600, so what should I be looking at? What do you all ride? What should I avoid?



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    What size bike are you looking for ?

    go onto Pinkbike and look in the XC/AllMountain bike section of the Buy/Sell Europe you'll find something there do the job any lightweight bike these days will easily get around a red route

    For instance £1300 in Nottinghamshire
    I'm going to blow the bank on a new build ( within reason ) NOW DONE!!
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    You could also consider new bikes. For an enduro/trail bike I would suggest modern geometry, ie slack front end, 140-150mm travel front and rear and if you can find it 650b wheels (although this is not so important). I would strongly recommend the following:

    2014 Giant Trance x3 @ £1500
    http://www.pedalon.co.uk/acatalog/giant ... -2014.html

    2014 Canyon Spectral Al @ £???? (Soon to be released - I'm sure there will be an option in your budget)
    Great value with Canyon bikes - but its internet only - wouldn't let that put you off.
    https://www.canyon.com/_en/eurobike2013 ... bikes.html

    Happy hunting!!!
  • Thank you for your replies:) I haven't checked back here for a few weeks, but I've been researching away and funnily enough have decided on the 2014 Giant Trance 3 27.5! Great minds eh? Feel like I'm taking a bit of a gamble on the whole 27.5 thing, but decided just to take the plunge.

    I did have a look at second hand bikes Richie but I would just prefer a 100% working bike without the risk of it having problems. I have enough trouble arranging time to ride around family and work, that I just want to ride, I don't want to have to tinker:)

    Cheers again for the replies.

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    For what it's worth I don't think the whole 27.5 thing actually IS a gamble... :wink:

    It seems to be the way the majority of bikes are heading. I went from a 26" to 27.5" and it has definitely made a noticeable difference to me.
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