Ritmo- thoughts?

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Thinking about signing up for it to use alongside Strava. Anyone used it? What do you reckon?


  • johnny25
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    Took a look a while ago. Not sure really. The algorithm keeps changing so unsure what it all means.

    I tend to use VeloViewer for a more detailed analysis of Strava Data, thought too much analysis makes me sleepy.
  • BrandonA
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    Tired it out weeks ago and it seemed completely pointless.

    I too use veloview as a complement to Strava. That and Connect and Training Peaks. Can't be bothed to upload my rides to any other locations.
  • I'm using it and find it a useful addition to Strava.
    The alogrithm doesn't 'keep changing'. Its changed once because flat routes scored far too well, whilst hilly routes scored badly and it gave far too many very, very low scores. A score of 0 would indicate you're a pro on top of your game. A score of 30 says you can just about stay upright on your bike. Average riders should be in the range of 13-17. The old algorithm had me down as a 10, which was plainly sloblocks.

    It really gives you a way of roughly comparing different rides. I am now at 16.3 with the revised algorithm, which seems about right, based on my two sportives where I was pretty much right in the middle ground. Strava segment times would put me a bit better than average, which I don't believe - I just have a weighty advantage on any segments with decent amounts of downhill. :-p
  • jotko
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    If it synced with strava I would give it a go but it doesnt so meh
  • monkimark
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    I used it a bit before it stopped synching with Strava but I think that all the traffic lights, junctions etc on my rides probably make the number pretty meaningless anyway.
  • Anyone else think the principle behind it is pretty good though? Seems to be more comparable - even if I didn't get a great score!
  • morstar
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    It's clearly a similar idea to a golf handicap. As that's a system that fundamentally works, yes I think it's a good idea. Ranking whole rides rather than segments makes far more sense as that's how I ride, I.e. a whole ride, not just commute to a segment for a balls out effort.
    I feel it may be too late to gain market share though. Strava is clearly well established.
    I think I will use it for a bit and it will either become well established or disappear by the wayside.
    I primarily use Garmin connect as it gives the most comprehensive insight into my physical performance from a training perspective.
  • Neil_aky
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    I use it as it gives me a score to try to improve (in addition to Strava); I mentioned it on here once but everyone was quite scathing of the idea. It seems like a good idea to me but to summarise riding ability into a single number is difficult and it will probably struggle to gain acceptance as it is difficult to understand what the number means...
  • I get the feeling a Strava sync would get more people on there... Agree, it is a bit of hassle to have to export GPX files to different sites. Think I might stick with it for a bit, just seems like a good idea in theory.
  • morstar
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    I get the feeling a Strava sync would get more people on there... Agree, it is a bit of hassle to have to export GPX files to different sites. Think I might stick with it for a bit, just seems like a good idea in theory.
    I may be making this up but I think the Strava sync got removed as Strava are trying to protect their market.
  • Neil_aky
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    Yes, it used to sync with Strava, but Strave pulled their support for external apps linking to it.
  • neeb
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    Tried it a while back and got a pretty good score, but I couldn't figure out if/how it distinguished between solo rides and group rides/races - surely if it doesn't do this it will be hugely biased?
  • I noticed yesterday there is an 'exclude ride' feature which I guess is to account for this. Seems pretty easy to cheat the system and get a high score but I suppose there isn't a lot of point in that if you want a true reflection of how you're riding.
  • morstar
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    Ultimately it doesn't matter about group or solo rides. If you only ever ride in a group, you know that may bump your score by a couple of points or converse is also true.
    The score is just an indication and intended to be a motivational tool.
    If you want absolute comparisons then that's what races are for.