Max tyre width cube ltd pro

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I am currently running 2.2 conti mountain kings but was thinking of changing to conti mud king 2.3's. A quick google says the maximum tyre width is 2.25. Would 2.3's fit without issues? I don't want to shell out for them and find that they won't fit.




  • nicklouse
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    i all depends on how the tyres are measured.

    might might not fit.

    what are you looking at?
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  • grenw
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    My wife has a LTD race with 2.25 NNs on it. Looks to me like it could take something a little larger (0.05 of an inch is nothing at all) but not all tyres are sized the same.
  • beefcake2
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    I've just been looking at the mud king's on wiggle. Does anyone know if the 2.3 is UST ready or is it just the 1.8 that is UST ready?