Commencal Meta 55 Al/Carbon

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Just bought this. Stay tuned...

Edited with picture and full spec:
Frame: Commencal Meta 55 Ltd
Forks: Rockshox Revelation RLT
Bars: Superstar 780mm
Stem: Exotic 70mm
Headset: Cane Creek integrated
Grips: Superstar

Front Brake: Shimano Deore
Front disc: Superstar
Rear Brake: Shimano Deore
Rear Disc: Superstar
Hoses: Shimano

Shifters: Shimano Deore
Front Mech: Shimano Deore
Rear Mech: Shimano XT Shadow

Seat: Charge Spoon
Seat Post: Easton
Seat Post Clamp: Commencal

Cranks: Shimano Deore
Chainring(s): 32t (22t not used)
Chain: Clarks 10s
Cassette: Shimano SLX
Pedals: Shimano M520
Bottom Bracket: Shimano XT HT2

Front Wheel: Superstar
Rim: Stans Crest 26"
Hub: Switch Evo 15mm
Tire: Schwalbe Nobby Nic

Back Wheel: Superstar
Rim: Stans Crest 26"
Hub: Switch Evo 135x12mm
Tire: WTB Prowler

Weight: 13.9kg


  • Twelly
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    Commencal Meta 55 Ltd - 2010 I think..
    140mm travel, Fox RP2, 12mm through axle, carbon fibre swingarm.

    Should be here by the end of the week. Will be swapping as much as possible over from my Cube hardtail - 2x10 Shimano drivetrain, Crests/Switch Evo wheels, Superstar bars and grips, Charge Spoon, Deore brakes.

    Need a fork though. Would love the new Pike but it is a little bit too dear. Probably looking at a 2014 Rev RCT3 unless I can find something decent second hand.

    Cant wait to build it up.
  • Twelly
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    Just bought a 2013 Rev RLT..
  • I had one of these... very nice, but had a lot of pedal feedback when going uphill - tis very bouncy!
    Rides as though it has more travel than it actually does though!
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    Yeah I saw your build - very nice btw - does the pro pedal setting help at all or is it bouncy even with it locked out? Apart from the pedalling, I have only read good things about these frames, thursday cant come soon enough...
  • It does, but I only had an rp2 iirc... could have done with more levels of pro pedal for the climbs.

    On descents its a proper ripper though.
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    Its here! Just 36 hours after pulling the trigger..





    Good condition for a 3 year old frame, has been blitzed with helitape already so that's one job out of the way.

    Swapped the adapters on the wheels today for 12mm rear 15mm front. I cant believe how simple Superstar has made it to switch between axle standards. Why do all manufacturers not do this???

    I'm liking the brown saddle and black frame with white bits, it's going to look amazing when its done.

    The fork should be here tomorrow and there is already a headset fitted so expect to see something bike shaped tomorrow evening!
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    Fork turned up today, pictures later, it has got the new black anodized stanchions (pike-esque) which I am very pleased with, wasn't expecting that from the pictures on Merlins site. Lots of adjustment which I cant wait to play with. They also sent me a PopLoc which I do not need (crown lockout) so if anyone wants a brand new PopLoc let me know. It will be in the classifieds soon.

    Should be able to get most of it finished on Sunday ready for a night ride on Tuesday.

    Aiming for around 13kg. The cube was just under 12kg with all the same kit on so 13 should be achievable with the heavier frame
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    Still to do:
    - Fit star nut and trim steerer
    - Gear inner and outers
    - Chain
    - Buy and fit a front mech that fits
    - Remove BB from old frame and fit cranks (new ring, 36T most probably)
    - Ride!
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    The black forks suit that a treat!! Very, very nice!!
  • Twelly
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    Star nut fitted, steerer cut, brake levers and shifters adjusted to fit, rear mech wired up (took me a while to realise the frame has internal routing), just the BB, cranks, front mech and chain to fit now, waiting on a BB tool...

    As it stands, weighs 12.3kg so my 13kg target is looking optimistic. More like 13.5kg when finished, which still isn't bad for a long travel bike I guess.

    Nice day for pictures:

  • pesky_jones
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    Id be carefull with that pop loc - don't sell it. I'm pretty sure that they come locked out, and you need to install the pop loc to have them un-locked out!

    Sounds wierd but that was the case with my revs rlt.
  • Twelly
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    Nope I purposely ordered the version with the crown compression adjustment. Had a poploc with my Reba and it is just a pain in the arse really so decided to go old fashioned on this. Fork works fine without the poploc fitted - plus there isn't anywhere to fit it anyway, the knob is different on poploc versions.
  • pesky_jones
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    Ok, just warning you because I thought the same about my 2013 revelation rlts from merlin.

    What do you mean there isn't anywehere to fit it, why does it come with it if you can't use it?
  • Twelly
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    Good question!

    There were 2 options when ordering, poploc or crown mounted compression. I chose the latter, who knows why they sent the poploc because there is definitely nowhere to attach it to the compression dial currently fitted.

    Do your Revs look like this?
    or this?
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    The one on my Rev is indexed so I can add varying amounts of compression damping, rather than just on or off.
  • pesky_jones
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    It looks like the first pic, apart from mine spins anti clockwise to lock.

    My bad, you were right, as you were!
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    Ha no worries, they make so many versions of the same bloody fork its difficult to keep track.
  • pesky_jones
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    Annnnyyywaaaayyy. Really nice bike man, you've done a cracking job.
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    Its almost there, took it out on Wednesday around Butser and QE. Really fun bike to ride but I was having issues going up hill. The wide bars, slack head angle snc high front end were making it wander quite badly and I was struggling to keep the front wheel down. Better improve my technique I guess...

    Its 13.9kg so a shade over the target. I can save 500g or so by getting a new Nobby Nic to replace the temporary WTB tyre on the back.

    The front mech is on as a chain guide at the mo so its effectively a 32t single ring set up. Not sure whether to buy the right mech or just get a proper chain guide and do it properly.
  • Thats proper nice!!

    Looks really stealthy with the black forks.

    How do you find the standover and top tube length?
  • Twelly
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    It is very long, which is nice because I am very long but will take a bit of getting used too. Could probably get away with a shorter stem but I dont want to add to my uphill issues!

    So fun to ride though, worlds apart from anything else ive ridden.
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    Been riding the bike for about a month now and I love it. I am used to the slack front end now and can climb fine. It is working really well as an XC workhorse but when we come across something twisty, lumpy and downhill it just comes alive. It really is my 'one bike to rule them all' which is good as I am in the process of clearing out all the other frames and wheels I own, leaving me with just the Meta so no turning back..

    Fitted a Reverb at the weekend, yet to ride it but I have ridden demo bikes with dropper seat posts and loved it. Felt like it was needed after I went on a skills course and I now realise just how far I can lean the bike over! Saddle was just too in the way though.

    The skills course was brilliant and I would recommend Singletrack School in the Surrey Hills to anybody.
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    Bought a BFe frame last year which was much easier to do long XC rides on while still being meaty enough for gnar so the Meta was relegated to the cupboard where is has been hibernating for the last 6 months. However, I now have a 42t cassette expander which made me think id give the Meta another chance.

    So just in time for the mini DH and enduro season round my way....



  • Nice to see its still going strong!
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    Not cracked it yet!
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    nice bike meta 6 vip and brilliant bikes that can do just about anything.i have the slacker head angle sleeve in so more stable at speed downhill.I had people slagging mine off saying it will snap in 2 etc.load of crap.
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    A lot of them have snapped to be fair, luckily mine and yours haven't....yet ;)
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    Just pulled the trigger on a new frame so in will be swapping everything from the Meta. Frame and shock will be up for sale soon.