Brake pads with inserts

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All the brake pads I've bought before for my 105 calipers have been the type where the brake pad and the holder are one unit that screws into the calipers.

I've been interested in switching to ones where you can slide in a new pad such as these ... r-ec030619
Are these a standard size and shape, so e.g. I could buy some swisstop replacement pads and they'd fit too?

But where do I get the holders (or whatever they are called)?

I suspect these might be the ones to get ... s-ec022796 but it's not at all clear?


  • Yes those ones from Evans will work fine and come with both the cartridge and rubber pads by the look of them.
    You could always buy the cheaper 105 cartridges though. All Shimano and SRAM pads will fit fine, as will the Koolstop or Swiss Stop brands as long as you choose the Shimano versions.

  • Thanks Mick, off to place my order!