FS suggestions, lots of requirements...

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So, Im thinking of getting a new FS around xmas time. I currently ride a lightly modified (RS reverb, wheels, wider bar) 2011 Trance X3, which has been perfect.

I ride xc, red and occasional black routes, a few times a year round the Peak District, and next year I plan to hit alot more bigger stuff (Wales, Scotland, France). I weigh 77kg fully kitted.

Im thinking something around 140mm travel would be ideal. It would have to have SLX/XT gearing, shimano/hope brakes, ISGC tabs for chain device, 2x10 (or this would be a future mod), 15mm thru axle, preferably Fox suspension, external BB (no press fit) and 26" or 650b. Also, being picky, I like the rear suspension design with the rear shock hanging below the top tube, like on lapierre zesty and most santa cruz bikes.

I suppose my budget is around £3k. I have wondered if Im better off getting a frame and building a bike to my spec. Or getting a 140mm fork and some SLX brakes for my Trance and keeping it for another year or two.


  • I fitted a 140mm fork to my Trance and it was a great ride.
    The new Trance looks like it would be ideal for you.
    Any reason why the shock needs to be horizontal? That doesn't necessarily effect how the suspension works and limits your choices a bit.