Worth upgrading? Scott Yecora..

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Hi all,

purchased a Scott Yecora 2004 a few weeks ago for £90 which is the same as this..


I used to have some beautiful bikes, Kona Coiler, 24 seven slacker, Kona Stuff and a few others, but with 6 years being out of the game and being into road cycling since, I don't have a clue what is regarded as quality anymore!

I want to slowly (and I'm talking slowly, probably a new part every 2 or 3 months, or when they break) start upgrading the bike

Planned upgrades (all second hand parts I'll probably snap up fairly cheap on eBay)

. Deore XT rear mech
. Deore XT front mech
. WTB rocket
. Deore XT chainset
. XT shifters

My question is... Is this bike worth upgrading? The frame seems solid and of good quality. I've completely stripped the bike and got everything running perfectly and it rides a dream.

I know it's a 'how long is a piece of string' string and if I'm happy with it stick with it yada yada ya, but am I wasting my time upgrading this bike? I would LOVE to go and blow £400 on a real nice bike but I just don't have that sorta money..


  • now thats a good buy, for 90 quid its well worth spending another50 or 90 on it, but dont spend muchmore than that or your in danger of having a very old bike thats cost you 500 quid if your not careful
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    the deore drive chain isn't bad.

    if it was me, brakes and wheels would be my first port of call.