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Noob question : brake and gear cables

RossyjrRossyjr Posts: 43
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Another been question from me, I have campag centaur brakes and group set and I want to change
The cables for new ones, how do I know which ones to buy? And how difficult a job is it?



  • Go to your LBS and buy some campagnolo brake and gear cables (brake and gear cables are different). The job is very simple but you will need a cable cutter, buy the best you can, the Park Tool one is best.

    You may also need to buy outers. Brake outers are different from gear outers, your LBS can advise.

    You will also need to index your gears. I suggest you follow instructions on the Park Tool web site for all these jobs.

    Good luck.
  • I'm guessing any campag cables will do they don't have to be the centaur ones! Thanks
  • mrdsgsmrdsgs Posts: 335
    an entire original campag set of brake and gear inners and outers and ferrules can be bought for under £30 online.
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  • If you could point me In the right direction it would be much appreciated websites etc thanks
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,961
    mrdsgs wrote:
    an entire original campag set of brake and gear inners and outers and ferrules can be bought for under £30 online.

    Check which ones you need though. Different vintages of groupsets require different thicknesses of inner and outer cables.

    For example, my winter bike runs 2009 Veloce - with Ultrashift levers and Ultralow Friction cables... if I tried cables from the earlier model levers, then they wouldn't fit (they'd be too thick).

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  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    owenlars wrote:

    HANG ON!

    That says compatible with 9 and 10 speed - but not 11. That suggests it's the older ergopower shape levers (which only ever got up to 10)

    If it's a newer centaur group (ultrashift or powershift) you'll need the ultrashift-style cables (which work for the current 10 and 11 speed groups): ... cable-set/

    to make sure...

    Check this (lever colour may probably be black though):


    So - if your centaur levers look like the ones in the middle, that's the mk2 (ergopower) lever (pre 2009). Go with: ... cable-set/

    If it looks like the one on the left, that's the mk3 (ultrashift-style) lever - though pedantically could be ultrashift (2009 & 10) or powershift cetaur (2011+). Go with: ... cable-set/

    as the gear outers are a fraction narrower.
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