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New chain needed

furiousdfuriousd Posts: 214
edited October 2013 in Road buying advice
Was out yesterday and my KMC chain broke, 10 mins later and a quick link put in i was able to continue no problem.
Going to get a new chain but not really sure what to go with.
Ultegra 6750 chainset, Ultegra 6600 rear cassette.
The obvious choice is 6701 chain but i have been reading some bad reports, it is cheap though.
KMC that i have been running is KMC X10-L Silver.
Any other options i really should consider?


  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    Personally I'd stick with KMC. How old / how many miles were on the chain that broke? May also be worth checking your running gear for wear or getting a chain wear gauge and measuring your old chain for wear first as if it's worn your chain rings and/or cassette may also be worn. A new chain with worn cassette / chain rings may not be ideal.
  • Chainset is brand new. Not sure on cassette. Need to look.
    I did have to replace some links in the chain a couple of months ago after it bent.
    I am sure all I need is a new chain.
  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    I'd go for a KMC chain again, because they come with the quick link, which makes taking it on and off without breaking it easy. Did it break where you replaced the links? I wouldn't do that myself, because I would never be confident that the chain was as strong post-repair.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Agree with the advice about checking the chain for wear. Either get a decent gauge or steel ruler. There is no real 'normal' mileage when it comes to chains as we all do different rides in different weather and have different shifting habits. Bear in mind that most chains (and the KMC ones are included in "most") have mushroom pins which are NOT meant to be replaced/reused as they deform. If you replaced the links with Quicklinks then that is ok.

    Personally, I would stick with KMC. I think they are as good as it gets and offer good VFM.
  • furiousdfuriousd Posts: 214
    Went for a kmc.
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