advice on bike purchase please

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ive just been offered this for £250 do you think its a good buy ? ... 1438.l2648
i thought gt are good bikes


  • Buy it, twice.
  • what you saying ? im being ripped of ?
  • RandG
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    £150 tops.
  • thanks for that i nearly bought it ,got about 300 to spend and me being impatient to find something nearly swayed me to buy it,
  • RandG
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    Have a nosey on ebay for Boardman bikes, should find a 2010 bike around that price, and will have good quality components
  • thanks for that
  • kajjal
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    RandG wrote:
    £150 tops.

    Exactly what I was thinking at best.

    Have a look at the current price of a bike and expect to pay 50% of that price as a guide. The older the bike the lower the second hand value and also the more worn it is.
  • ... 77923ad/(f)/search
    just found this would you say thats reasonable ?
  • RandG
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    That looks a lot better, but do your research. Google that model, is it the same colour, find out the spec for that year and ask the seller for the spec to see if they match up. Google reviews on that bike, but at a glance, that is twice the bike that heap of a GT was/is.