XC / Trail rims for (reasonably) light rider?

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I'm looking to buy my nephew a new wheelset as the ones which came with his bike might as well be made out of lead. I've had a look around and I've found a few but I really don't know how to judge if any of them are any good.

Weight wise, looking at bike + rider we're talking around 74kg. Riding style is mostly XC on a 100mm travel hardtail. Lately there's a bunch of trail centre use too but he wont be on anything worse than a red and he doesn't do jumps.

So far I've found the following which might fit the requirements:

DT Swiss XR400 (400g)
Halo Vapour (415g)
Mavic XC717 (395g)
Stan's ZTR Crest (340g)
Pacenti TL28 (390g)

These seem to be in the right weight range / usage window. Anyone have any thoughts on those / others?