Desperately need some advice for my bike wheels :(

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Hey guys I have posted before but from last time I fell ill again and haven't managed to get on my bike yet.
I'm ex-military and after my cancer I got a bone disease and have had two hip replacements done so when they are all healed I want to start cycling for fitness more than anything.
I have been ill for so long I am very unfit!

I bought an Apollo 21" men's hybrid cx. 10s a couple of years ago for very cheap, I checked it the other day and somehow in storage the wheels have buckled and a spoke has snapped.
So first thing is getting some new wheels!

I haven't got a lot of money so getting a different bike or frame or brand new wheel is kinda out as I can only really spend around 40-50 quid max!
I know that'll be a stretch.

But my question is what do I buy!! I don't know what will fit and what won't, I know they are 700c wheels but am confused by things like the rear hub!
The bike I have came standard witha shimano 7 and 3 setup = 21 speed

I'm looking at wheels like these ... 1423.l2649

What's confusing me is how do I know that they will fit the width of the back and front slots, plus often wheels are advertised saying the hub will fit 5/6/7 or 7/8/9 cassettes.
The shimano cassette I have is 7 speed but if I bought a wheel that only took say 8/9/10 could I put an 8 cog cassette on my bike and would it still work normally?

I'm confused guys could you tell me what I'm looking for exactly please?

I can sail round the world fight pirates and save lives but I can't work out a frigin' bike for the life of me!!! Ha ha ha


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