Duathlon first one

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Registered for my first duathlon.

Do you wear:
Bike shorts
Tri shorts
Just normal Lycra shorts??

It's 2x 4.4k run and a 21.6km bike?


  • Mikey23
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    Depends what time of year it is. I did mine in a tri suit... Looked a complete dork and difficult to take a wee...
  • nochekmate
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    No need for any padding on a 21.6Km bike - it'll all be over before you know it!
  • nochekmate wrote:
    No need for any padding on a 21.6Km bike - it'll all be over before you know it!

    I hope so, very worried about it!!! it very new to road biking been running for 18 months doing 5mile races and two half marathons so happy with runs but the biking is only 8 weeks into it. Aim is not to come last!!

    thank you guys
  • nochekmate
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    Don't like events like that myself - will all be too fast & furious which sets my asthma off and little time to establish a rhythm. Good luck.
  • thought it might be a sensible place to start.
    it a open event and includes novices.

    running im okay with the bike side is my concern!!
  • Mikey23
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    What is the event if you don't mind me asking? Did the freaky peaky in Somerset ... Loved the bike ride but the run was excruciating... Like up and down three mountains. Wouldn't mind doing another as long as it's reasonably close
  • I bought a pair of 2XU shorts from Wiggle, they have a very thin padded section which make it a little more comfy on the bike and they're good to run in.
  • thanks felxisurfer that's what ive been looking at either trishorts or a trisuit.
    tried on a race suit today with out padding but as I have broad shoulders it wasn't happening so would need something with a zip!

    Im in Sunny Suffolk, Mikey so could be a bit far.
  • Mikey23
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    Yup definitely... But have a good one
  • I wore a 2 piece Tri suit,although the ride is only short,if the roads where you live are not great you will feel every mile...

    A little bit of padding goes a long way.
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    Aldi had trisuits in last Thursday - if you're quick you might still find one. That'd be perfectly good enough for your first race.