£1200 29er decision

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Hi Folks,

Looking to pick up a bike as I'm getting into Adventure Racing. Around £1100-£1200.


Those are my two thoughts so far. The shop is a couple of hours away so looking for advice/opinions before I go and sit on them.

Carbon Cube frame over the alu C'dale, or does the lefty win it for the C'dale?

New at this so been trying to do as much homework on it as possible!



  • devbrix
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    I've had two Cubes and they are generally well spec'd bikes (although now got Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc). My wife has a 2011 Cube Reaction GTC Pro 29er and its a great bike. Put carbon bars and seat post on and it's as light as a feather, quick and tough as old boots. I did the Dartmoor explorer on it in the Summer which is pretty rough and it coped really well. She's got several QOMs on it at trail centres. Comes recommended from me as a very light hardtail although check the forks on this model on the forums, hers has RS Recons which are fine, don't know about the Manitou's. Have fun on whatever you choose
    All of these things....
  • Hi, thanks for the input Devbrix. The more I look at the bikes the more I'm leaning toward the Cube anyway. Plus I just found it even cheaper :lol: