Shops in Berks/Surrey/Hamps for girls bike clothing

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Can anybody suggest a shop in Surrey/Berks/Hamps which stocks girls clothing? Am after some shorts, tops and a bag and would like to try some stuff on rather than ordering shed loads online and sending half of it back :)



  • Banjo Cycles and the Specialised Concept store in Newbury both stock womens clothing.
  • I really do think online is your best option. Girls stuff is always knocking about cheap on CRC some at like 30% of its RRP sometimes. They have no quibble returns and you end up paying RRP in bike shops which for bike stuff seems inflated simply for being a little niche.
  • Thanks both - Newbury could be worth a look as I'm interested in the Specialised Bioform saddles too.

    Chunkers - agreed it's better value online, I just struggle with being around for parcels to be delivered and never have time to take them to the post office to send back :( Once I've figured out my size for various brands I'll probably order online :)
  • Evans in Reading tends to have quite a lot of clothing in stock. You also have large Decathlon store in Reading
  • Ended up at Evans in Reading after trying 3 other shops (no girls stock at all) - Evans had a reasonable stock of shorts/trousers/jerseys/jackets etc :)