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Cookson in, McQuaid out.

97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,305
edited October 2013 in The hub
Vote just in, Cookson new president of UCI.

Fat Pat fleeing to St Lucia.
Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, aye

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  • Na na nana
    Na na nana
    Hey hey hey
    Good bye...
    Reporter: "What's your prediction for the fight?"
    Clubber Lang: "Prediction?"
    Reporter: "Yes. Prediction"
    Clubber Lang: "....Pain!!!"
  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    Thank F for that.

    Ding dong the witch is dead - the witch is dead.

    Kinda glad because I had made my mind up to stop supporting pro cycling if he remained.
  • Is it just me? but the moment Cookson is elected the potential discrepancy in Jonathan Tiernan-Locke "biological passport data" is leaked.
    Am I just being over suspicious about sour grapes?
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