Soft Shell Knee Pads

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Hi all - I am looking for some soft shell knee pads. I was trying to find some 661 Rage pads but these are all out of stock in medium. Does anyone know where they are in stock or can recommend a similar alternative? Thanks


  • not surea bout the 661's but the fox launch pro as the comifiest / best fit / least slippage i've found, if not a little warmer than some
  • I have 661 Rage pads. They are horrible for xc riding. They aren't all that good for downhill either.
  • prawny
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    The 661 AM comps look decent if a little camo coloured. I'm interested in the elbow pads to compliment my Kyle Straits.

    For kneepads now the Fox's sofaboy mentions get a lot of reccomendations as do Raceface Digs and Nukeproof Criticals
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  • Thanks for the replies chaps. I've read mixed reviews on all knee pads now regarding fitment but as everybody is built differently that is to be expected I guess. Will investigate the fox launch pros..