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Let's talk about train fares



  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,473
    Alternative option.

    Lower London wages. Less people would go.
    Different I agree, but you have to consider all options.
    Think about the cycle. People are attracted by the lifestyle but need the wages to live there.
    Because people get the higher wages, demand goes up.
    Because demand goes up, prices go up.
    People can afford the prices because of the wages so the prices go higher.
    Wages have to increase to meet the prices....
    And on and on and on.

    Another option is that there has to be a housing market crash prices are simply out of kilter with wages.
    The average house price should roughly be 3 times the average wage. Not even close at the moment.

    None of the above will happen so carry on moaning.
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.
  • i agree, move jobs/growth away from SE England/London. but it wont ever happen.

    less people = less demand = lower house prices, less pressure on infrastructure/public services etc etc
  • Yellow PerilYellow Peril Posts: 4,466
    Bozman wrote:
    My mate is a boss at Southeastern. I think the problem is that they get f*cked in the bum for infrastructure costs

    Would that be down to Network Rail? I used to work on the Railway and previous to this year my ex work collegues pay had risen by roughly 13% over the past 3 years, Network Rail does not apply austerity and I'd guess that this gets passed on to the train operators and then to the passenger.

    I believe it is. they just keep cranking up costs and the burden is shifted to the end user.

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  • morstarmorstar Posts: 4,433
    The fares are already subsidised and that's a problem, but the real issue is the housing market which is a mess and George's latest wheeze to get it moving again (by increasing the credit availability and consequently debt) is exactly the wrong thing to do in so many ways, to get the economy moving we need to have lower house prices and not tie up disposable income in housing stock, we need money moving around and people buying stuff. And relax..... 8)
    No, no,no, house prices absolutely must be rising at all times. Otherwise those on the verge of retirement and downsizing or speculators won't be getting huge returns on their investments. This is the most important thing far beyond all the other problems created by unaffordable housing.
    I understand a price realignment would be pretty messy (for myself included) but it would be better in the long run. The new bubble Osborne is creating is simply idiotic. Wasn't too much borrowing a major factor in the credit crunch?
  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,473
    Lessons have not been learned. The price will be paid.
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.
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