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Hello all,

Been riding since about September last year, did London to Brighton at beginning of the month and Cycle4Cynthia last weekend. Starting to think it is time to turn my steed in for something new in preparation for some hill biased trips next year. Although, whilst its naff weather I shall be using it and will prob keep the new bike as a good weather bike.

I would just like some helpful advice on where is best to look. I like the sound of a carbon bike. Budget is about £1-2k and quite like the look of the Planet X bikes.

I purchased my current bike for £250 all in and it has served more than well with a few additions to it over time. It's steel with carbon forks and now has a combination of 105 parts and Tiagra.



  • diamonddog
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    I have a PX Pro Carbon and would recommend it, also take a look at Dolan Bikes, Ribble and Canyon.
  • Quite like the look of the Canyon's, also found a Rose bike that I quite like too ... -MHMn-MHMo
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    Rose get good reviews from people that have them unfortunately no test rides available same as Canyon. I am probably going over to Germany in February and plan to visit the Canyon outlet there to see them in the flesh as it were as it is a possible next purchase for me although I would still keep the PX.