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2011 Scott CR1 Comp

russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
edited September 2013 in Your road bikes
Been meaning to post this up here for a while, but to be honest i couldn't be arsed.

I bought this frame out of the BR classified section earlier this year, having completed it during the summer i have loved riding it. Its a fantastic frame, it fits me like a glove, climbs like a mountain goat but yet is totally forgiving. i love it!

I have weighed her using the not so accurate bathroom scales but will weigh with my proper digital ones shortly. I have her coming in at a little under 7kg. Including bottle cages, stupidly heavy saddle/post combo, Cadence sensor, pedals etc..

Full Spec is:
2011 Scott CR1 Comp (Small)
Roval Fusee SL25 Wheels (claimed under 1500gram) + (Michellin Latex hubs, Schwable Ultremo ZX tyres)
Ultegra casette
105 Shifters, frnt and rear Mechs
SRAM GXP BB with SRAM Crankset and rings
105 Brake callipers
105 Pedals
Jagwire titanium cabling (still not sure about)
Deda Zero Stem with Richey Pro Biomax bars

The wheels are beautifully made with some slick details like carbon front hub, etc. I had to remove some red decals to match the frame colours slightly better. They are very light but so far seem pretty strong. I will be looking for some deep rim carbon wheels shortly, just to scratch that itch more than anything else. Need upgrades will be a much lighter saddle, although i am struggling to find one to match colour wise (Anyone have a black, yellow and white toupe 143) a Lighter seat post and still not sure about the bar shape whilst on the drops.

Anyway here are some pics, i hope you like them:



  • GunnsieGunnsie Posts: 171
    Looks cool!! If you've got jersey etc to match the colour scheme, you will definitely be seen on the road :)

    IMO it needs a black crank ring as the silver one doesn't compliment the bike.

    How do you find the Ultremo ZX's?? I'm looking to get some, but have heard mixed reviews about them.

  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    jazzy colours...
  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    I personally wouldn't trust latex hubs...

    Road - Dolan Preffisio
    MTB - On-One Inbred

    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • Turned out nice, I am glad you are enjoying the ride
  • arran77arran77 Posts: 9,260
    declan1 wrote:
    I personally wouldn't trust latex hubs...

    I don't know, they look fairly sturdy in the pictures :wink:
    "Arran, you are like the Tony Benn of smut. You have never diluted your depravity and always stand by your beliefs. You have my respect sir and your wife my pity" :lol:

  • russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
    Sorry guys, i meant obviously latex tubes. Hubs would be an interesting one! As for colours its not as bright in the flesh, crappy camera on my Ipad seems to do some interesting things!

    Tincaman, glad you recognised it. I am loving it to be honest. I couldnt of got better fitting frame if i had one made.
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