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Van Nicholas Zephyr

janesyjanesy Posts: 148
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I love my van nic, I train on it, race it and ride for enjoyment. anything from 30miles to 125miles quite regularly (6 times a week atm). 100miles + not that regular but done it 15 times this year.

I wanted to save a little weight, probably since I got these VERY nice but pretty heavy wheels through insurance due to a car barging me off the road.

So after changing the brakes and pedals I moved to the fork, the Easton EC70 is pretty chunky, but I loved the look of it. I decided pretty hastily to get a 3T fork as my stem and bars were 3T. I allot lighter 350g compared to 550g and steering has improved, comfort is the same. Didn't think the EC70's flexed or none than I noticed. (i do like sprinting and won a few races)

so before and after picture:
I have the chance to swap the 3T for a EC90 SL. does the 3T go with this bike? .... SO it boils down to: what looks best?

20130802_175214 by janesy030905, on Flickr

20130901_090604 by janesy030905, on Flickr

Slightly OTT and perhaps alittle sad, I want to gauge peoples opinions.
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