Hello, I'm back out of retirement!

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Hi Everyone,

This is my 1st post so please go easy!

I’ve recently got back into the Roadbike scene after a 7 year hiatus (2 kids and an old house to do up!).

Been running on a Boardman Road Sport (yes, I know!) and clocking up 150KMs a week.

The once latent velo bug has returned. I forgot how much it made me happy.

I’m rather taken by the Boardman technical approach to frame design so...............

I’ve just acquired a Boardman(yes, I know!) Road Pro Carbon 2011 F&F’s in the box, new old stock.

Planning on building this up ready for next spring to run for the season and then sell on as I ultimately want an alchemists mix of exotic metals to be my dream bike to run for years till I keel over!

Anyway, back to the Pro Road Carbon;

I’m looking for people’s opinions in terms of what I should spec on this frame;

Group set
Rims and all other wheel type stuff
Seat & Post

Budget is about not going crazy, but I want a responsive, good looking machine to keep that smile on my face. After hauling the 24LB Boardman Sport up and down North Wales for the past season, I deserve the right to ‘lighten up' somewhat!

Here’s the review of the bike when it was launched;
http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... n-11-42902



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    Assuming you want to buy new and keep costs low;
    Tiagra 10 speed groupset (about £300)
    Planet X AL30 wheels (£150)
    Vittoria Rubino 2's (£7 each)
    Finishing kit bars, stem, post - Deda Zero 1 (£60 for the lot)
    Headset - Cane Creek is cheap and will do the job

    Usually buy my stuff from either Merlin or Ribble as they seem to have best deals on.
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    Why not take each component and then stick it in the search feature? Wheels will have a few hits :wink:

    The key point for most things will be budget and usage.
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    How you getting on with your bike build.
    Did you get the required headset ? ( asked via email )

    Cant wait for the pics .

    Boardman AiRPro C
    Boardman FS Team 650b