Spesh OSBB overhaul - DIY or LBS ?

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I'm pretty comfortable doing my own builds but in the past have always left the dark arts of bottom brackets and headsets to my LBS. I recently stripped down my S-Works Tarmac to send the frame off for a repair to a crack on the downtube. Now it's fixed it's time to build it up again and I'm wondering if I should take this opportunity to man up and overhaul and install the BB myself. As far as I can gather the Spesh OSBB is just BB30 or maybe PF30. Should such things be left to the experts or is it something folks on here do all the time themselves ?


  • There's nothing tricky. I've done it a few times. I can help if you get stuck.

    Start by downloading the Spesh instructions.
  • Cheers, reckon I'll give it a go. Which bearing press do you use ?
  • EricTheRed wrote:
    Cheers, reckon I'll give it a go. Which bearing press do you use ?

    I use a headset press that has lots of different sized cones on it.
  • So I decided to get the LBS to refit the BB / crankset this time round while I faff about getting the right tools. Building the rest of the bike up tonight I noticed the NDS crank has a gap of a couple of millimetres to the BB and the wave washer is clearly visible. I don't remember it being like this before but maybe it was and I never really noticed. Can anyone confirm that this looks right/wrong ?

  • That looks a bit odd to me. The wave washer should be more compressed than that. Can you move the cranks from side to side? i.e. slide them through the BB?
  • Oh Dear! Problem!!!

    Thought it looked odd - there is no thrust washer in place.

    There has to be a thrust washer between the crank and the wavy washer. Otherwise you won't have enough 'bits' on the axle to squeeze up to the bearings.

    Also, you can see the bearing in the photo - it's totally open, there's nothing to protect it from the elements, and nothing is pushing against it. I would imagine you could push the whole crankset left to right by about 3 or 4mm. That's not good.

    Take it back to the shop and tell them they muffed it. All the details are available online (Spesh) in pdfs.
  • You're right :cry: They've left out a bearing spacer (part 2 in the exploded diagram on page 2 of this: http://service.specialized.com/collater ... -Guide.pdf). There isn't actually any play in the crankset but as you say the bearing is hopelessly exposed. ARRRGHHH !!!
  • Cripes!

    Question is, where is it?! On the workshop floor somewhere?

    Just goes to show you simply can't trust the vast majority of LBSs, which is why I do it all myself.
  • Dropped it into the LBS this morning. They phoned back shortly after admitting they screwed up but that it's all sorted now. Curious to see when I pick it up if it is the original spacer they've put back on. I'll be surprised if nearly a week later they still had it lying around and knew where it came from.