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Evan Wales 2013 and litter

whoofwhoof Posts: 756
Did the Evans South Wales ride last weekend well organised an signed. Very disappointed to see a lot of empty gel sachets thrown on the road, especially as this was held in a National Park (not that it should really make any difference). Seems a quick way to provide ammunition to those who would want to object and get future events ban as well as being pig ignorant.

If you have carried a full gel in your pocket when you open it put the gel inside you and the empty sachet inside your pocket. There are bins at the feed stations for you to empty your pockets, if you don't stop at the feed satation carry the empty sachet to the event finish.


  • I didn't do the Sportive but I've seen the same thing at others. I simply do not understand it, why do some people think they are too important to carry their own litter? Sure the pros do it but pro racing is very different to a Sportive and I am sure somebody cleans up behind the pros.

    How was it btw? I thought about going but chickened out, need to work on my Rule #5.
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  • whoofwhoof Posts: 756
    It was a good ride plenty of variation in the scenery hills, valley reservoirs etc. Need to have low gearing or be a very good climber. Friendly organisers and well stocked feed stations, recommended.
  • When you see some of the pros actually tucking their wrappers under their jerseys, it makes this even worse. People just don't care. It's the 'it's not my garden' attitude. A sad reflection on todays society really. You will never win against people with no morals or respect for the countryside.
  • Hi Whoof

    Glad you enjoyed the ride.

    We do have back markers who pick up anything obviously ours, but.....

    When I was putting out the course ( both MTB and Sportives) I did notice a larger amount of empty gel packets from other past events/riders already littering some parts of the route.

    I don't understand it either, we have bins at all the drink stations so you only have to carry them a part way around the course.

    Dean ( Ride It )
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