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Big Balkan Bike Ride - 1000km for Chairity

srijivasrijiva Posts: 2
edited September 2013 in Tour & expedition

I'm off to cycle 1000km around the Balkans this Friday, Belgrade to Skopje, covering Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. I'm extremely excited and now I've decided I'm probably going to jump off Mostar Bridge (it's 24m into very cold water and people have died doing it) I'm not so nervous about the ride but pretty petrified about the jump.

I'm doing the trip for fun and I'm funding it completely myself but I'm also trying to raise money for a wonderful charity "The Heal For Life Foundation". You can check out my video and campaign here: ... e/x/576385

I have a very personal commitment to the charity and would love to reach my funding goal, any help in doing so is gratefully received and all the better coming from the cycling community.

Any tips on the Balkans is also gratefully received. Please pass on the video/campaign page as much as possible.


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