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ObitimObitim Posts: 26
edited September 2013 in Commuting general
Hi there,

So I took my first step into cycle commuting last night and went to Evans for a quote for my cycle to work scheme.

My maximum budget is £500 and that is for Bike and initial gear (lock, lights, pump, inner tube, helmet)

I'll be using the bike on canal tow paths and roads and I'll be commuting about 20 miles a day, there may be some use for weekend riding as well, but no trial stuff

So I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the following:
Dawes Discovery 201 2013 - £299.99

SP Align Helmet 2013 - £30

SKS Longboard - £32.29

Krypton Evomini/flex cable combo - £44.99

Cateye EL220/TL155 lightset - 39.99

Topeak mini dual - £18.99

I'm aware that I may be able to get some of this stuff cheaper elsewhere but I'm restricted as Evans are the supplier for my cycle to work scheme.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Rather a horrid bike I'm afraid, much better can be had for the Money, or for the same quality can be had much cheaper (rendering the C2W saving not a saving at all).

    This is much much better for £26 more ... 0#features
    This massively better ... 5#features

    LIghts etc you can get much much cheaper off ebay or similar than that and it will stop you spending more despite the C2W saving!
  • Cheers for the info, unfortunately I've already put the paperwork in...

    What;s the issues with the bike?

    I've done the gear as I felt that they would save me a bit of cash, I have picked up some lights from Aldi in the winter sale so perhaps I can forgo those and put the savings into the bike
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 15,963
    Obitim wrote:
    Cheers for the info, unfortunately I've already put the paperwork in...

    A bit late then to ask for advice :lol:

    Seriously though, you should be able to muck around with the order - it's the total value of it that is fixed rather than the detailed contents of it. At least that is how it worked for me when I did C2W.

    You'll need a track pump as well - to keep the tyres up to pressure on a regular basis. Mini pumps are no substitute for a track pump.
    Faster than a tent.......
  • gbsahne001gbsahne001 Posts: 1,961
    Rolf F wrote:
    You'll need a track pump as well - to keep the tyres up to pressure on a regular basis. Mini pumps are no substitute for a track pump.

    Unless you buy one from Halfords, and then a mini pump is a huge improvement! :(
  • a decent track pump as well, any suggestions?

    I'd asked before I looked into it but no one replied :( but yeah, the guy said you can chop and change so I may just swap a few bits the Pinnacle Lithium any cop? I think I prefer that for the extra gears (there's a few hills where I live so the extra gears may be handy)
  • daddy0daddy0 Posts: 686
    My wife has a Pinncale and its a decent bike for the money. Shes got a Neon 2, the Neons are more road bike like and the Lithiums are more MTB. Her Neon 2 weighed in at about 10KGs IIRC, so pretty light. I replaced the pedals with SPDs, the tyres with some decent Contis, cut the bars down a bit and fitted a bottle cage - this made it much much better.
  • Has anyone used the Dawes Discoveries at all as well? just as a comparison?
  • daddy0daddy0 Posts: 686
    Obitim wrote:
    Has anyone used the Dawes Discoveries at all as well? just as a comparison?

    I just spent 5 mins trawling the net and can't find a review of it... I would avoid!
  • Yeah, I know, I found some older models reviews...

    Perhaps the Pinnacle is the way forward and I'll juggle the costs...
  • daddy0daddy0 Posts: 686
    If I were you I'd go for a Neon 2:
    Its got a decent amount of gears and weighs in just under 10kgs. Looks like they've only got one size in stock, don't buy it if its not the right size for you.

    The reason I'd go for a Neon 2 is that its most like a road bike.

    Actually if I were you, knowing what I know now, I'd go for an actual road bike with drop bars. For £300 I'd probably get a Triban 3 from Decathlon (but I'm guessing you probably can't change supplier on the scheme you're on?).

    Whatever you buy, consider getting SPD pedals and shoes. Pedaling is so much better clipping in. DON'T get toe clips, pointless and dangerous.

    Save some cash and get this lock instead:

    Oh I also noticed that nobody answered your question regarding track pumps. I've not used one of these, but its cheap and is the top selling pump product at Wiggle:

    I'd also budget for a pair of new tyres, at this price point whatever bike you get will probably come with naff tyres.

    Another consideration, I'd upgrade the brake blocks with Kool Stop ones.
  • Cheers Daddy0 deffo worh thinking about, cost is starting to ramp up tho on the bikes (although they do get better the more they cost I guess!)

    I may also be doing soem canal tow path stuff and I'm used to mountain bikes so think that something that is a bit like a mountain bike with road tyres may be the best option for now?

    The other costs I may do as I start to get a bit of cash behind me (saving for a wedding at the mo) but I'l lkeep it in mind!

    Cheers for the info!
  • daddy0daddy0 Posts: 686
    As long as you get something you enjoy and look forward to riding then that is the main thing.

    If you're going to put road tyres on then you might was well get a road bike ;-) Probably the best bike for your purpose is a CX bike. I ride my carbon road bike in my sig with a group who regularly take us down sustrans paths and I sometimes ride on chalk paths when I want a detour through the park on my commute. Its not great at it, but it can do it. I'd say if you're mostly going to be riding on the road then get a road bike, if you're mostly going to go off road then get a CX or MTB. Don't bother with any in between compromises. I did the same as you, bought a hybrid and roadified it with some slicks, threw a chunk of money at it before I realised I actually wanted a road bike :-)
  • Sorry for the late reply!

    Cheers, it's deffo food for thought, thankfully I'm off on holiday for 2 weeks so I can properly ruminate while I wait for my certificate!
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