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Cube Agree GTC 2012

birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
edited December 2013 in Road stolen
Stolen from outside Tesco Stopsley on Hitchin Road.

All stock with Elite Custom Race cages, a pump, Specialized saddle bag and new Easton EA50 Aero wheels.
2012 Cube Agree GTC


  • Recovered!
    2012 Cube Agree GTC
  • Great news - was it down to your own detective work?
  • Carl170Carl170 Posts: 99
    Yes, Please tell us!

    It may also help one of us in the near future.

    Very glad you got your bike back - It happened to me many years ago and I was so gutted.


  • birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
    Sorry for taking so long to reply chaps!

    Yes, it was down to me and to be honest I've been pretty unimpressed with the police help that was on offer.

    There's a permanent council owned traveler site near the store and I decided I'd take a walk before work the day after to see if I could spot anything. Walked on to the travelers site and when I got to the far end I spotted two green bottles and then realised it was my bike! (Those cheap Gatorade bottles are good for something other than drinking it seems!) I yelled down at the guys and one legged it, the other shut his van up and asked what the issue was. I told him that was my bike, described it down to details of damage on the chainstay from my cadence sensor and he just handed it back.

    Of course he told me some fluff story about the other chap selling him it for £30 but I wasn't interested. Got off the travelers site ASAP got the bike home and then rode it to work!

    Fully aware I'm a lucky chap to have been reunited, it is a horrible feeling having your pride and joy taken from you.
    2012 Cube Agree GTC
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