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Frame size ??

Shaun67Shaun67 Posts: 219
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I'm about to purchase a Enigma Equinox and would like your opinion on frame size. I've spoken to both Mark & Jim at Enigma for advise and I'm told that I'm on the cusp of a Medium (55cm).

I have a Cannondale Carbon Synapse with a 54cm top tube, 48cm seat tube and a 110mm stem. The small Equinox has a 53cm top tube & a 48cm seat tube but the medium has a 55cm top tube and a 50cm seat tube, which will be the best option ??? :?

I look foward to reading the many replies... :lol:


  • Although you are a long way from their workshop is there a dealer near you who could get both sizes in so you could get the bikes set up and then choose?

    IIRC the enigma sizes are the actual length of the seat tube, some brands measure to below the seat clamp so worthwhile checking the cannondale seat tube measurement.

    Also look at head tube lengths and headset stack to estimate the amount of spacers.
  • I'd ask Mark & Jim
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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