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Over four years ago Paul Villiers built me a very nice touring frame. Earlier this year it developed a fault - nothing to do with Paul's workmanship - and after much effort I eventually contacted him to discuss a repair. Very kindly he offered to repair it for free and I only had to contribute towards a new paint job. Naturally I took up this offer and despatched the frame to him in early June. It took several weeks to confirm that he had received it and further strenuous and patient effort to get news of progress. Eventually I did speak to him by phone in mid August when he said the frame would be dispatched in the week after the bank holiday. I went on holiday to France for two weeks from 4 September hoping that the frame would arrive before my return - it hasn't. I know that Paul takes his time but my problem is getting hold of him. He has not replied to my latest emails and texts. I was in the south London area on Sunday 22 September (delivering a daughter to college) and had offered to meet him at a location of his choice to collect the frame and pay for the work done. No reply. I have tried his mobile number countless times and just get an automated reply.

I understand from web searches that he had a working relationship with Shedborn Bikes in Brentwood. I have tried to contact them to find out how to contact Paul but without luck. They seem to have disappeared as well.

It is with great reluctance that I am posting this problem here. There may be an explanation for this of which I am not aware such as illness. However I am now getting desperate - the whole summer has gone without my favourite bike and I have no idea when and if I will see my frame again. I have a box of expensive components but no frame to attach them to.

If anybody on here knows what is going on I would be grateful.

Thanks in anticipation



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    Have you tried speaking to Poshbikes ? According to a Villiers review on C+, it's possible they might be able to help.
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    Looks like it's not a recent problem. See a similar problem here: There's a contact number on that link too which you may or may not have and could help.

    Seems like it's probably down to workload rather than anything else but he's clearly not as 'customer focussed' as you might wish. I wouldn't want my frame to drop off the radar like that but hopefully all will be resolved for you.
  • No matter what the outcome I would be happy with a 4 year old bike getting free repairs! Not bad.
  • Yes I agree that the offer of a free repair was good and who would refuse it. I was quite happy to pay for it if required and had offered to do so. The problem is getting it back :!:
  • The frame arrived on Friday :D . Paul emailed me earlier in the week. He had been contacted by an intermediary third party and prompted to email me.

    The frame looks fantastic and is as good as new with a complete new paint job.

    So what can I say. I am very relieved to get it back and am very pleased with the job. There is no doubt that Paul is a very good frame builder and I have no hesitation in recommending him from this point of view. I have no wish to harm his business or reputation as anybody using him will get a great frame but it would be very important to establish good communications with him and for him to be aware of what is expected from him in terms of contact details, progress updates etc.

    I do not know any details but I have the impression that there has been a lot going on in his personal life. Hopefully things will settle down in due course.

    All that remains is to put the bike back together. This will take a little while as I want to make some minor changes to the set-up. I may post a picture in due course.

    Many thanks to all those who offered help and advice.
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    I have a friend who had a frame made by Paul Villiers and he had to wait an unusually long time for it
    to be delivered (much longer than what had been agreed)*. His work was good, but his customer focus
    side of things was very poor. It looks likes nothing has changed.

    *Back in 2009
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    I am afraid I was the person who posted on the CTC forum, and I have still not received my Moulton frames back after a delay of several years. I am worried for my frames and also for Mr Villers.

    I think I would like to just collect my bits, but I have no telephone numbers, or addresses (I understand he has moved since I dropped my frames in with him) and he has stopped replying to the e-mail which I had .

    If anyone knows him, or has an address for his work or home, or a telephone number (land-line or mobile) would they ask him to get in touch?


    Patrick M
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    You really shouldn't have to chase someone so hard just to get your bike back. Really isn't on.